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Our ministry provides opportunities where you can grow, develop, engage, and serve using all that God is given to you. GET PLUG INTO one of the followings!

Triumphant Kids World 

Triumphant Kids World is an exciting and passionate ministry that centers on kid’s ages 3-12 with the goal of shaping and developing healthy kids and families to discover Jesus. 

We love kids!!!! We believe that every child is filled with purpose and possibilities and we have the responsibility to help them discover and develop it.

It is an honor to a small part of your BIG journey.

We strive to cultivate an environment where every kid enjoys I.C.E. C.R.E.A.M. in the Word of God. 

Couple Fellowship 

We believe that the Kingdom of God is centered on the family life which is rooted in the principle of a marriage between a naturally born male and female or one man and one woman. 

Our goal is to support marriages and strengthen family relationships by empowering them to take ownership of their spiritual, physical, social, mental, and emotional wellbeing according to biblical ordinances.

Youth Ministry

We believe if the church will be sustainable, we are to create a culture where youth are engage, empower, involve, and celebrated. Triumphant youth seeks to create said culture. We exist to help young discover and live the plans and purpose of  God for their lives in an environment specifically designed for them. Our age groups are: 6th – 8th | 9th – 12th ”

Women's Ministry

Our goal is to touch, empower, and enhance every facet of a Woman’s life with a vision of unity where the every woman can discover her true identity in Christ, and become the Woman God created her to be by meeting each woman at the point of her need for Kingdom advancement. Every woman of CTOM is a part of the Women Ministry. 

Singles & Young Adults 

This is where young adults gather to encourage and sharpen each other within an atmosphere of worship and community. We  do celebrate people  in their singleness but provide them with the requisite biblical tools for holy living and help them discover and develop themselves better as they seek the Lord for the next phase of their life. 


This is a ministry that is comprised of Dance, Media and Music, and Theatre Ministries. 

Media Ministry seeks to design and project images that will enhance and keep you engage in your worship experience; whether in-person or online services.

Dance Ministry, Triumphant Dancers - is a Spirit-led team of worshipers that use their gifts and talents to usher in the presence of God. Whether you are a skilled dancer or desire to dance for the Lord, there is an opportunity to service the Lord. 

Music Ministry, Triumphant Singers - Leads the worship experience during weekly service. This ministry is covenanted to seeing the outpouring of the presence of the Lord every time there is a gathering together. Our worship experience consists of music ranging from African praise, hymns, psalms, contemporary, etc. If you are a singer or desire to service God with the gift of singing, this is the place you can serve with your fullest potential.  

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